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I have over 9 hours into trying to liquidate an account that they send statements on...(they have had my $ for over 15 yrs)

They have demanded an account application (7 pages)

Fax only, who uses fax? then did that and they said it was the wrong #, so I am sending to new # .....but after they get it, on the slight chance they do must be notorized!! KIDDING RIGHT!

(They also send me an application form in the mail, with the envelope label that looked like it was printed by a kid in preschool. What kind of outfit is this???

This entire experience only make me happy that this is only a few thousand dollars. God bless you if this is your

Product or Service Mentioned: Lpl Financial Account.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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I totally understand your frustrations... I am on the same boat. These guys are thieves but they don't seem to care at all.