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For six weeks I have been trying to transfer assets from my late mother's LPL account to her heirs. I have talked to 11 different people and submitted 6 different notarized forms and still have not completed the process.

Her LPL agent in Portland -- Tom Berry -- refused to assist in the process. The first set of 2 forms were sent back with 48 hours. There was no contact for two weeks. After I called them, they said those were outdated forms and we had to fill out the new ones.

The forms have not instructions.

After two more weeks with no contact, I called again, and they said I had made an error on each form and had to fill them out again. Those have been submitted, and I now call every day, but all they say is that they being processed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lpl Financial Financial Advisor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I've been trying for two weeks to transfer my IRA back to my employer sponsored plan (from where it was originally before I was coerced into putting it with an advisor at LPL......who by the way UNDERPERFORMED significantly the ROI with my employer's plan had I left it there....PLUS I had to pay this quack 1% to lose my money??)..........tons of phone calls, LPL employees that dont communicate; all incompetent. They should be shut down.

It's like they are holding my IRA hostage now so they get more fees. Ill sue.