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My father in law was foolish enough to move all his assets to LPL in his later years. Every account was set up to transfer on death, and his four children were named as beneficiaries.

It has been five weeks, and EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. they have come up with a different reason to refuse to distribute his assets to his heirs.

My husband has spent more than 27 hours on the phone with these people, and still NOTHING.

And every day a different story.

My father in law's agent, who should have handled all of this, held on to the death certificate and papers for weeks without submitting them. Then told us he "forgot" to have us sign forms. Then sent us two pages to sign....page 2 of 2, and page 6 of 2....SERIOUSLY? Who is stupid enough to sign one page of a multi-page document without seeing the rest of the document?

Not surprising that this company has been sued.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lpl Financial Financial Advisor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wow, this is word for word what my husband is going through. His mother passed away in May 2018.

We closed her secession 2 months ago and we are still waiting for funds dispersment. My husband and his sister signed paperwork on a Thursday then Monday they sent a whole different set of papers saying the ones previous were incomplete because of a server problem or something. A server doesn't send out a totally different set of papers. Not one dollar amount was ever on any of the papers.

No fee amount. Nothing. I started getting skeptical but my husband is a more patient person. 2 weeks ago we got an email saying the checks were going out and confirmed our mailing addresses.

2 weeks, no checks. No return calls, no return emails. I showed my husband this review today and now he decides to get upset. He is on the phone with the corporate office and guess what......there was never a check ordered, account never closed or anything sold off.

So were they still pocketing interest and commissions? Pissed Customer #2


call 1.800.877.7210 dial o for operator and ask fir customer service. tell them you want another rep...its that simple...you cannot blame an entire company for the faults of 1 individual...PS.

you should have NEVER signed an INCOMPLETE document!! xocument


LPL was our primary financial services company, until we discovered that they had suspended service on our account because our broker had left them. Routine transactions simply didn't happen, including our monthly pension payment.We chose to bail out, STAT.They're in trouble. Avoid them.

@Joseph Ford

you should have called lpl corporate. if your broker did not have the pension payment on autopilot then that's the reason you did not have your transactions completed.

you could have asked for his supervisor and contacted that person to expedite for you. PS.

they are NOT in trouble! its this bailout behavior that got slit of people in trouble in 2008...wisdom passes through open ears and closed mouth.