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I sold mutual funds and specifically asked what the charges would be and they quoted that they were $40.00 & $10 per mutual fund sold.. I had 5 but I get the check and it's thousands of dollars gone.

They never told me that since I was selling "C" share mutual funds in less than a year, the mutual fund company would charge me 1%. They deny responsibility since they didn't charge it but when I called back, they knew exactly what happened so they were not upfront with me. I specifically asked them what it would cost.

My monies were very mismanaged and I'm retired and don't earn. Don't use them!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Well, this has nothing to do with LPL Financial. They are merely a broker dealer and custodian for independent advisors. Your advisor is the one you should have a problem with and even at that, isn't it your responsibility to understand the fees and expenses of doing business?

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